How Can Wet Carpets Affect Your Health?

The Reasons to Book a Professional Flood Restoration Service

Water can be destructive. When there is flooding caused by the forces of nature, the most vulnerable places are people’s homes. When water enters your home, the first thing it meets will be your carpeting. Here are some health issues wet carpets can cause:

  • Mold and mildew. As you know, water and moisture create the perfect conditions for mold and mildew development. Wet carpets and rugs are prone to developing these harmful spores very quickly. If you don’t hire a professional flood restoration service provider as soon as possible, your soaked floors and carpets will quickly contribute to respiratory diseases and throat/lung irritations.
  • Allergies. People suffering from allergies feel the worst consequences of floods. Water-damaged carpeting is prone to mold growth. The prolonged exposure to mold spores leads to allergies. When inhaled, they can cause severe allergic reactions. This is why people with this kind of medical condition should look for expert help right away.
  • Skin allergies. Skin allergies are very common during floods. If your skin comes in direct contact with the mildew spores – this will cause annoying skin irritations. Your skin will be itchy and red. You can also get bumps, swellings, as well as severe bacterial and fungal infections. If you continue to be exposed to water and mold, you may get a serious respiratory disease.
  • Focus problems. Carpet water damage can lead to problems with your focus too. The bad smell coming from waterlogged carpets and the unhygienic conditions will inevitably cause problems with focus. Please keep in mind that such problems often go unnoticed. What is more, it may cause fatigue, migraine, dementia, etc.

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