Reliable Flood Restoration Service

Advanced Hydrotech has been in the carpet cleaning service for nine years. But we offer more than that. We also do upholstery cleaning. Here is a list of our services:

Flood Restoration Service – We understand the sensitivity of the situation when we accept this kind of project. So we do not only restore what has been ruined. We also extend our sincerest sympathies to our clients. Being able to do this gives us a competitive edge over our industrial rivals. Our first step would be to identify the category of the water damage. If we can see that the water is clean and will not cause any illnesses, then we will consider this as a category 1 water damage. But if we find that the water is gray and we are sure that it will cause sickness if ingested, we will label it as category 2. We would classify the water damage as category 3 if the water is black. This means the water has microorganisms and can definitely make people very sick even without ingesting it. There is a possibility that in this situation, the water came from the sewer. So once we are done assessing the water damage category, we would determine if the area is an area class 1, 2 or 3. Area class 1 poses the least harm to you while area class 2 would pose a slightly higher threat. But area class 3 can cause the greatest harm. We would check your basement since this is the room that is greatly affected by the flood. We would also examine wooden floors and walls that have gypsum because they contain tiny cavities, which make them vulnerable. We are now ready to remove the water from your home.

After a great flood, you can always rely on Advanced Hydrotech to help families and businesses in Odessa, TX. So you should not wait another minute when it comes to water damage restoration services, you should immediately call us at (432) 201-4384.